AsthmaKaDabra: An Asthma Adventure

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Excerpt from Medizinisches Literatur-U. This is one drawback; the visitor will need a much more detailed map, as the text like the maps remains largely "general" about exactly how to get to most of the places mentioned. The final section of this book is focused on the fight against compromise; something Laurie rightly notes is a cosmic spiritual battle. It may help to keep this in mind: Basically, asthma is a disease of the lungs. Allergies are hypersensitivities that trigger reactions in certain individuals.

How To Treat An Asthma Attack - What To Do During An Asthma Attack - Inhaler Treatment At Home

You may not realize it, but your immune system is on duty 24 hours a day patrolling the body, distinguishing between agents that should be in the body and foreign agents that could spell trouble. Anything the immune system detects as foreign will be attacked. These foreign substances are called antigens, and antigens that trigger an allergic response are called allergens.

Examples of allergens include molds, pollens, and pet dander. Pollen is one allergen that causes problems for many people. When you breathe in pollen, your immune system immediately recognizes that a foreign substance the allergen has entered the body. When the allergen binds with IgE antibodies located on cell surfaces, it triggers the release of histamine and other chemicals from the mast cells.

Histamine and other inflammatory chemicals can cause allergic symptoms that affect the throat and lungs, such as itching, sneezing, nasal congestion, and inflammation. Allergy-prone people produce far too many IgE antibodies, which leads to many IgE-sensitized cells that release large amounts of histamine. Histamine can cause symptoms that affect the throat, lungs, skin, or gastrointestinal tract. Your immune system rarely forgets an allergen.

Once sensitized, your body will probably react to that allergen for the rest of your life. In these cases, the immune system overreacts, triggering inflammation of the airways and various asthma symptoms. Anyone can develop asthma, but some people are more likely than others to develop the condition. Some teens have asthma episodes only a few times a year usually when they get a cold , while others have episodes just about every day during spring and fall, when the pollen counts and outdoor pollution are high.


If you have asthma, you may very well have a parent, sibling, or other relative who also has asthma or who had it as a child. If both your parents have asthma, your risk is higher than if only one parent has it. For some reason, your risk seems to be greater if your mother has asthma than if your father does. The tendency to develop allergies is inherited.

One way to test a person for allergies is to perform skin tests with extracts of the allergens or do blood tests for IgE antibodies to these allergens. Race is also a factor: Asthma is 26 percent more common in African-American than in Caucasian children, and African-American children with asthma typically have more severe conditions and are hospitalized more often.

Is There an Asthma Gene? The good news is that most teens can control their asthma very well. In many cases, you may be able to control it so well that you experience only a few rare asthma flares. M Most people with asthma also have allergies. M Asthma can be either allergic or nonallergic depending on the major triggers of the symptoms. Finally, his parents went to the doctor with a bag of seven antibiotics that David had been prescribed within the last six months—none of which helped relieve the cough.

David was referred to an allergist, who performed pulmonary function tests and diagnosed asthma. In addition, the allergist also was able to identify that David was allergic to the family cat and that he was very allergic to dust and pollen. Now on the right medication and having removed the cat from his room, David is able to sleep through the whole night without coughing.

Diagnosing asthma can be tricky and time-consuming because different patients with asthma can have very different patterns of symptoms. If your family doctor or pediatrician suspects asthma, you may be sent to a specialist to help with the diagnosis.

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Physicians who specialize in treating asthma include those trained in the fields of allergy, asthma and immunology how the respiratory and immune systems works , and pulmonology conditions that affect the lungs. For example, some kids cough constantly at night but seem fine during the day, while others seem to wheeze all the time. Some experience symptoms only in a smoke-filled room or after playing with a pet. Others have so many allergies that the specific cause of asthma may not be recognized.

Most likely, the doctor will evaluate your lung function, probably by using spirometry, one of the simplest, most common pulmonary function tests. In addition, the doctor may measure the baseline amount of air you can blow out of your lungs by using a device called a peak-flow meter. In some cases, the doctor may order chest X-rays, blood tests, and allergy tests.

Medical history. At that first visit, your doctor may ask you to describe your symptoms in detail. Think carefully about when and where your symptoms occur, so you can help the doctor track down the source of your problems. Do your symptoms occur more often in the spring and fall? You should mention any family history of asthma or allergic disorders such as hay fever, eczema, or hives, because any of these conditions can increase your risk of asthma. You should tell the doctor how often you get colds, how severe they are, and how long they last. The doctor also may ask you about exposure to irritants and allergens or about any recent life changes or stressful events, such as a change in schools.

Pulmonary function tests. To confirm the diagnosis of asthma, most doctors will request pulmonary function studies.

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These tests are usually performed using a machine called a spirometer that analyzes your airflow through both large and small airways. A spirometer also can be used to see if your breathing problems can be improved with medication, a primary characteristic of asthma. The doctor may take a spirometer reading, give you an inhaled medication to open the airways, and then take another reading to see if your breathing improves with medication.

Challenge test. This is a test done to determine whether your bronchial tubes are hypersensitive. This test is often used to confirm a diagnosis of asthma if there is uncertainty. Exercise tests. Because many teens have exercise-induced asthma, your doctor may request special exercise tests to see whether your asthma symptoms are brought on by physical activity. Skin tests. If the doctor suspects allergies as a cause of your asthma, you may be asked to have an allergy skin test or blood test.

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Knowing what substances you are allergic to can help identify your asthma triggers and help you avoid them in the future. These tests are usually performed by an allergist, who can determine what triggers your allergic asthma and whether allergy shots would help you. Chest X-rays. Doctors occasionally use chest X-rays while diagnos- ing asthma as a way of ruling out other possible lung conditions. Once all the tests are in, your doctor will outline the factors that are important in your asthma. The four main categories of asthma based on symptoms include mild intermittent, mild persistent, moderate persistent, or severe persistent asthma.

Of course, you need to keep in mind that your condition can get better or worse as the years progress, which would put you in a different asthma category requiring different treatment. If you wheeze, cough, or get short of breath no more than twice a week, your doctor will diagnose mild intermittent asthma. People with this type usually notice symptoms at least twice a month at night. In these cases, symptoms may interfere with normal physical activity.

Teens with moderate persistent asthma have some level of symptoms every day and nighttime symptoms more than once a week and need daily medication. Episodes of wheezing, coughing, or shortness of breath occur more than twice a week and may last for several days.

These symptoms will interfere with your day-to-day activities.

AsthmaKaDabra: An Asthma Adventure AsthmaKaDabra: An Asthma Adventure
AsthmaKaDabra: An Asthma Adventure AsthmaKaDabra: An Asthma Adventure
AsthmaKaDabra: An Asthma Adventure AsthmaKaDabra: An Asthma Adventure
AsthmaKaDabra: An Asthma Adventure AsthmaKaDabra: An Asthma Adventure
AsthmaKaDabra: An Asthma Adventure AsthmaKaDabra: An Asthma Adventure
AsthmaKaDabra: An Asthma Adventure AsthmaKaDabra: An Asthma Adventure
AsthmaKaDabra: An Asthma Adventure AsthmaKaDabra: An Asthma Adventure
AsthmaKaDabra: An Asthma Adventure AsthmaKaDabra: An Asthma Adventure

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