Bitterroot Crossing

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Another point is that the Rocky Mountains experience large amounts of snow on a yearly bases, sometimes even in the summer. Also the depths of the snow added to their fatigue because it takes a lot of energy to trudge through that much snow on a daily bases. The expedition experienced starvation because the roots and berries they had traded the Indians for had been eaten in a short amount of time.

They needed different types of meat thus the reason for killing a few horses. Just like the people the horses would become weaker and weaker due to low food intake. They also had to eat candle wax at some points because they had barely any food. During the expedition it was just the people who suffered it was the people and the horses because they had to carry large amounts of weight through deep snow and there was barely enough grass to graze so they were not taking in much food.

There was a case when a horse actually fell down 40 meters into a brook and survived, the horse ended up to be fine after they had taken the cargo off its back.

Bitterroot Mountains Near Lolo Pass

Every horse they would have lost they would have to find a solution on how they were going to carry its cargo! When they were crossing the Bitterroots they actually met up with some Nez Perce Indians and traded them for three colts, and one mule. The Corps ended up having to kill them for food later in the journey though. The Corps also ended up having to deal with sickness and tiredness because, there was little food, water, and they also experienced mountain sickness. Sometimes it can lead to HAPE high altitude pulmonary edema , which can be fatal in some cases.

Also after they crossed the Bitterroots for the first time they found a large group of Nez Perce Indians and had a huge feast. Barringer Brothers Box Set. Look Don't Touch. Heart of Stone. Our Destiny. Finding Her. Stone Cold Bad. Dirty Talk. Heart of the Huntress. Private North. Dirty Secret. Heat Wave Volume Two. Heat Wave Volume Three. Rain Shadow Complete Series. Vacation Romance Collection.

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Forever, Tommy. My Bachelor. Sweet Talkin' Scoundrel. Physical Distraction. Rebel Love. Hard Core. His Truth. Lace Underground. Saving Her. Blackpool Cove. How to write a great review. Mid and late season, this isn't a problem, but when flows are heavy, getting a boat up that channel is a real pain. If you extend the float to Kona bridge, you end up having about a 9 or 10 mile float and using the Kona Bridge takeout that's described on the Clark Fork write-up.

Major hatches: Skwala stoneflies, nemoura stoneflies, capnia stoneflies, salmonflies on the West Fork, PMD's, green drakes, hoppers, caddis, mahoganies, tricos, blue wing olives. No Thank Add to cart. Add to cart. Continue Shopping. Shop on-line.

The Shop. About Missoula.

Fishing reports. River maps. Fly fishing classes.

Bitterroot Mountains continue to challenge modern adventurers

Guided Trips. Contact us. Map 3 Angler's Roost to Main St. Map 4 Woodside to Tucker West: This is about a 6 mile float with nothing out of the ordinary to worry about other than sweepers and logjams.

Bitterroot Crossing

Avoid the Tucker east channel Map 5 The Victor access is fine for a raft, ok for a hard boat if you don't mind the smell of melting gel coat you have to push the boat down a rip rap bank. Map 7 Stevensville to Florence: This is a nice, long float of about 11 miles.

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Map 8 Florence to Lolo: This is great water, but another long float 13 miles with a really crappy takeout that involves portaging your boat about yards to the parking lot. Map 9 Lolo to Fort Missoula: This is a great stretch of water but is much different from the rest of the Bitterroot as a whole.

Bitterroot Crossing Bitterroot Crossing
Bitterroot Crossing Bitterroot Crossing
Bitterroot Crossing Bitterroot Crossing
Bitterroot Crossing Bitterroot Crossing
Bitterroot Crossing Bitterroot Crossing
Bitterroot Crossing Bitterroot Crossing
Bitterroot Crossing Bitterroot Crossing
Bitterroot Crossing Bitterroot Crossing
Bitterroot Crossing Bitterroot Crossing

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