Everyday Feminine Wisdom Volume 1

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While the New Year occurs during Capricorn, Loar did not short-change that sign, beginning and ending the book with Capricorn goddesses. While it might be rare for a man to buy this book, I highly encourage men who are embracing the Feminine Divine to jump right in. This is especially true if you are trying to balance the male and female natures within yourself. I was very pleased to find that on my birthday Panacea, the Greek goddess of healing, is there.

From there, look up the birthdays of the women in your life and see what wisdom you can come away with. Many different pantheons are represented here. If you walk a Pagan or Wiccan path, many of the goddesses may already be familiar to you. But Loar goes the extra mile and includes others from unexpected places just to keep things interesting.

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Jul 19, Min rated it liked it. I wish I could give it a 3. Overall, she kept a nice balance of the Western pantheons with an occasional appearance from Hindu, Chinese, and pre-Columbian cultures. For those hoping to see familiar names and be introduced to more, it is good.

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So many goddesses in the world, choosing cannot have been an easy task. If I were to rank my complaints they would stack first with a personal wish the book was longer. Kno I wish I could give it a 3. Knowing it is intended as a daily inspiration, perhaps even devotional, one page is a pleasant format. Now, from a scholastic point of view, I wish she avoided many of the pitfalls of the resurgence in awareness of the ancient deities and that is, attempting to find tenuous links between them from some supposed connection because of a similarity in sound or appearance of the name.

I would very much want to see a stronger showing of polytheism sharing the uniqueness of these stories and divinities rather than attempting to link them all together as pieces of a whole. I grant, there may be some blending associations in time such as with the Roman, Greek, and Etruscan pantheons, yet, they began separately. If there is a similar books for the gods I would enjoy reading it.

Dec 11, Leigh Anne rated it liked it.

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Divine feminine , with an intro to astrology. Set up in a devotional format, Loar's book contains a short essay for every day of the year, featuring a goddess from elsewhere in the world.

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Although there are no footnotes, the decently long bibliography at the back allows the curious reader to ge Divine feminine , with an intro to astrology. Although there are no footnotes, the decently long bibliography at the back allows the curious reader to get the scoop behind Loar's summaries.

One aspect that makes this book slightly different from others of its kind is that Loar arranges the goddesses by where she believes they would fall in the astrological zones. Beginning and ending with "Capricorn" deities, the reader gets a short explanation before each zodiac sign that justifies each grouping. What really makes the volume work is that it contains the big names everybody knows as well as the tiny ones hardly anyone's familiar with.

History of indian astrology

In short, this book is appropriate for all public library collections. Larger libraries can consider this an optional purchase, but if you've got budget to spend out before year's end, this is a solid pick. Apr 15, Tami rated it it was amazing. When I first picked up Goddesses for Every Day, I remember remarking that it might make a good reference book. That perhaps this would be a great book for those interested in mythology or those who felt moved by a particular Goddess. I instantly thought of my daughter who would be thrilled by such a thorough resource.

The funny thing is that as I read through the entries of this book, I could feel a presence. The women described were vibrant, alive, and very much important to modern times. Their stories embodied strength and all that it is to be a woman. More than once, I picked up the book and the contemplation spoke to me.

The messages are timeless and empowering. Jun 08, Jonathan Martin rated it it was amazing. This is the perfect accompaniment for a life of reflection and spiritual fulfilment. It is my daily mood that makes the weather. I possess tremendous power to make life miserable or joyous. I can be a tool of torture or an instrument of inspiration, I can humiliate or humor, hurt or heal. In all situations, it is my response that decides whether a crisis is escalated or de-escalated, and a person is humanized or de-humanized.

If we treat people as they are, we make them worse. Widely attributed to Goethe, but also claimed to be a distortion of a passage by Haim Ginott. Talking is a necessity, listening is an art.

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals. Attributed to Zig Ziglar Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Even though Emperor Wu forced Daoist practitioners from court, Daoist teachings found a fertile ground in which to grow in the environment of discontent with the policies of the Han rulers and bureaucrats.

Popular uprisings sprouted. Indeed, the basic moral and philosophical text that provided the intellectual justification of this movement was the Classic of Great Peace Taiping jing , provided in an English version by Barbara Hendrischke.

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The present version of this work in the Daoist canon is a later and altered iteration of the original text dating about CE and attributed to transnormal revelations experienced by Zhang Jiao.. Easily the most important of the Daoist trends at the end of the Han period was the wudou mi dao Way of Five Bushels of Rice movement, best known as the Way of the Celestial Masters tianshi dao. This movement is traceable to a Daoist hermit named Zhang ling, also known as Zhang Daoling, who resided on a mountain near modern Chengdu in Sichuan.

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The revelation said that those who followed Zhang would become part of the Orthodox One Covenant with the Powers of the Universe Zhengyi meng wei. Zhang began the movement that culminated in a Celestial Master state. The administrators of this state were called libationers ji jiu , because they performed religious rites, as well as political duties. They taught that personal illness and civil mishap were owing to the mismanagement of the forces of the body and nature. The libationers taught a strict form of morality and displayed registers of numinal powers they could access and control..

Libationers were moral investigators, standing in for a greater celestial bureaucracy. The Celestial Master state developed against the background of the decline of the later Han dynasty. Indeed, when the empire finally decayed, the Celestial Master government was the only order in much of southern China.

But this backfired because it actually served to disperse Celestial Masters followers throughout China. The movement remained strong because its leaders had assembled a canon of texts [ Statutory Texts of the One and Orthodox Zhengyi fawen ]. This group of writings included philosophical, political, and ritual texts. It became a fundamental part of the later authorized Daoist canon.

The resurgence of Daoism after the Han dynasty is often known as Neo-Daoism. As a result, Confucian scholars sought to annotate and reinterpret their own classical texts to move them toward greater compatibility with Daoism, and they even wrote commentaries on Daoist works. In general, these scholars share in common an effort to reinterpret the social and moral understanding of Confucianism in ways to make it more compatible with Daoist philosophy. These thinkers included landscape painters, calligraphers, poets, and musicians.

He practiced not only philosophical reflection, but also external alchemy, manipulating mineral substances such as mercury and cinnabar in an effort to gain immortality. For him, longevity and immortality are not the same, the former is only the first step to the latter. The mixture of these two traditions is represented in the writings of the Xu family.

Everyday Feminine Wisdom Volume 1 Everyday Feminine Wisdom Volume 1
Everyday Feminine Wisdom Volume 1 Everyday Feminine Wisdom Volume 1
Everyday Feminine Wisdom Volume 1 Everyday Feminine Wisdom Volume 1
Everyday Feminine Wisdom Volume 1 Everyday Feminine Wisdom Volume 1
Everyday Feminine Wisdom Volume 1 Everyday Feminine Wisdom Volume 1

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