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The shorelines of Croatia and Greece are still littered with strongholds created by Venetian ingenuity — the wonderful Assos Fortress on the west side of Kefalonia is but one random example. The era came to a close at the tail end of the 18 th century, with the ascent of Napoleon.

By then, Venice — weakened by two centuries of war with Ottoman Turkey — was down to its last 11 ships.


Bonaparte swatted Venetian resistance aside with barely a glance on May 12 , as a millennium at the top of the tree came to a swift conclusion. These long, oar-powered vessels are elegant symbols of the city — but if you hail one to take a ride down a sun-dappled canal, you will almost certainly be propelled on your way by a man. Venice did not witness its first female gondolier until — when Giorgia Boscolo became the first woman to pass the strict qualification exam.

Her success was not, perhaps, a surprise — she is the daughter of a gondolier. But her promotion to the world of blue-and-white striped tops was not met with universal applause. And a church dedicated to St Mark has occupied this spot since — even if the present building was not completed until And yet, for all its age and magnificence, the basilica has only been the cathedral of the Archdiocese of Venice since Prior to this, San Pietro di Castello held the position, and did so with dignity — between and You can still pay it a visit.

The crowds are decidedly smaller. But only if you wander down Calletta Varisco, a street in the Cannaregio district that is just 53cm wide in parts. Not unexpectedly, it is the narrowest street in the city. Follow it west to its end, and Calletta Varisco becomes a set of stairs that descend to the Rio del Gesulti.

At this point, you will need to retrace your steps — or track down a helpful passing gondolier. Oct 19, Paul Bryant rated it it was amazing Shelves: popular-and-unpopular-music. The design and graphic quality of this book is something to behold, it gets 5 stars just for that. And another 5 for digging up some genuine lost 60s singles which I had never heard. And another 5 for writing about them all with humour and vast detailed knowledge. View 1 comment. Jan 30, Rob rated it liked it. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Kingsley Abbott. Kingsley Abbott.

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I have already mailed some of the information on my family tree to Denis and Dawn and hope we will all be able to exchange more information soon. I lived in Princes Road off of Stanley Road. Andrews, Mr. Tickle with Cyril and Mr. Sorry to hear about Mr.


Today I live in Denver, Colorado. Hi Andrew, Your name sounds really familiar! Richard lived in Teddington Park Road. Four of the best teachers I ever had. Alison Shaw Black. The teacher Mr Sibley mentioned in some of these posts is my cousin who is alive and well and living in retirement in Dorset. We lived in Connaught Road towards the Hampton end. I have happy memories of Teddington. It was a sleepy little place but now I understand its quite a mecca for the wealthy? My dad was born in a cottage in Gomer Road in Total madness! Thank you! I originally got hooked up with these emails because of my interest in Benny Hill.

Ron Tosic. Benny Hill not only lived in Teddington for a while but some of his TV shoes were filmed at the Thames Television studios in Teddington. I was brought up in Teddington in the house where my parents still live, in Cambridge Road. My Dad was born above the butchers at 32, High Street T. Jerome in the early sixties.


On one side was Guy Salmon now a , on the other was Tony Jarvis, a fishmonger. The family has pictures of those days. Teddington has totally changed since then. It used to be a self-sufficient small town, with a village atmosphere; everybody knew each other, so, as a child, people looked out for you. I loved Teddington, and thought everywhere would be the same, with a High Street, Broad Street and a bridge in between. There used to be a small train set in the right-hand window, and you put a penny in the slot and the train ran round the track a couple of times.

Every time I go over the bridge, I rub the escutheon and feel the old Teddington vibe in my veins. Weird, possibly, but I remember the old town, and I miss a less complicated time. Hello David, it was a treat to have a penny to put in the slot in the window and watch it roll down the right hand wall and make the model train start up!

If I asked Dad he would sometimes indulge me with 1p when we came to visit gran in Waldegrave Road. How lovely to share such an innocent pleasure with you! Kind regards, Rachel. How good to hear of some one who feels for Teddington. I was pleased to learn that the original windows in shops now have to remain — preservation order it seems. I used to live in Park Road and still pass the house when visiting my cousin. Bushy Park was just down the road and the US military was still there for some years after the war.

My aunts went to Collis school and we have photos of children on Empire Day, in the play ground. My great grand mother and her sons owned the red swings in Bushy Park. I now belong to the Friends of Bushy and Home Parks where an article about the swings was recently printed in the newsletter. One of my great uncles had a shop called the Triangle on the bridge. Another had punts on the river.

On This Day Jun 12

There is a man researching Teddington families. He may see this site too. Your memories are really interesting.

Fantastic Sixties Trivia Book Fantastic Sixties Trivia Book
Fantastic Sixties Trivia Book Fantastic Sixties Trivia Book
Fantastic Sixties Trivia Book Fantastic Sixties Trivia Book
Fantastic Sixties Trivia Book Fantastic Sixties Trivia Book
Fantastic Sixties Trivia Book Fantastic Sixties Trivia Book

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