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There are always new technologies to learn. There are always new programmers who are better than you. Perhaps they do this to put you in your place. But, since you are reading this, you will take it in stride. Because you probably know a lot more than you think you do. Each day that passes, you will learn a little more than the day before. After a year, people will look up to you.

Keep at it. One of the most awesome aspects of programming is competition. I love programming with people who I admire. When you can write code that a programmer you admire deems worthy, you will feel like you just won the lottery. Competition in programming is always in good fun. In the beginning, this may happen once a week or once a month. At your new programming job, you will not understand what your coworker just said.

This could be for two reasons. In this case, ask another coworker to translate. Chances are, it took other coworkers years to get used to the accent too. The other reason is that what your coworker just said went completely over your head. That is also okay.

After all, your coworker is the expert. Ask your coworker to explain it all in picture form. Chances are, it might take a while. This happens all the time. I was criticized for my Perl code when I started. But I wrote it in a language that was difficult to read.

So, I wrote the spaghetti code.

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But, each year, no matter how hard I try, I still find some spaghetti code that I whipped up quickly to get a job done. We fix things and we patch things up. You need a break. But you love the momentum so you keep going. Then you realize that SQL is fun. But somehow, putting data into the database and getting it out is now a joyful event. You revel in the simplicity of a completely logical language. Hackathons are common these days. Programmers get into teams and compete with each other. You will love the hackathons for the camaraderie.

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You will hate it for the carpal tunnel syndrome that you developed while typing at top speed. You will also hate it for the crowded rooms that you work in and the sensory overstimulation that you receive during the event. Do you speak English?

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Well, most people will say yes. For me, most of the research papers on algorithms seemed like a giant forest before I learned the foundations of college math. Then, suddenly, it all seemed to make sense. Having good headphones that will cancel out external noise will allow you to work in crowded rooms with focus.

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At some point, you will also find that music helps you to code. I found out early in my coding career that the rhythm in music helps me code fluidly. Even now, I reach for some music when I need to be productive. At some point in your career, you are in the inner sanctum of the group of developers who are very important to your company.

Grammar lesson plan: “I wish” and “If only”

This is when you will be invited to an offsite. An offsite is a place where technology professionals socialize together. Upper management may use the chance to get to know you.

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If you are lucky, the setting will be in Las Vegas. Sometimes, it will also include a convention or conference with technologists from other companies.

Sign in. Get started. Archive Write For Us About. Coding Life. So you want to be a programmer; this list can set you on the right path.

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I Wish I Wish
I Wish I Wish
I Wish I Wish
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