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Plenty of Millennials accept referrals

They also show why optimizing your referral program for social media needs to be a priority.

When Millennials want to know more about a company, they look to their friends on Facebook and Twitter. If they get a referral from the right person at the right time, you have a great chance of converting an excited new customer.


Millennials may not send many referrals, but the ones they do send convert at a much higher rate. Looking at the previous two graphs, the math checks out. That suggests that Millennials are sending better-targeted referrals, and the trends support that idea. In their world, social proof is paramount. So they identify the brands that meet their unique criteria for engagement and share them with likeminded compadres—people they know that brand will resonate with. And a huge amount of this takes place on referral-friendly social media platforms.

It all boils down to this: Millennials make referral count. They think long and hard about which of their friends to refer—and those friends are clearly willing to listen. But if you have a brand that resonates with them and a referral program that gets them excited, Millennial advocates will get you access to a network eager to try your product and eventually refer friends of their own. How can you tap into these high-value advocates?

Here are three strategies to get more Millennials into your referral program. The human element. Make your referral program a personal experience.

Cracking the Millennial Code by Ryan Vet - Book on Managing Millennials

Optimize for social media. Social proof—providing and receiving it—is crucial to Millennials. Social media is the best way to play to that. For example, when someone shares one of your referrals on Facebook, give them options to tag specific friends and to post on other platforms, or offer extra rewards for referrals over social media.

The Futurist: Cracking the Millennial code

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Cracking the Millennial Code: How to Create Marketing Research Surveys That Work

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The Millennial Code The Millennial Code
The Millennial Code The Millennial Code
The Millennial Code The Millennial Code
The Millennial Code The Millennial Code
The Millennial Code The Millennial Code
The Millennial Code The Millennial Code
The Millennial Code The Millennial Code
The Millennial Code The Millennial Code
The Millennial Code

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