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Revitalising Body Wash with Organic Baobab and Ylang Ylang (250ml)

Ive been looking for a body scrub that is gentle and moisturizing and this is it! It is the perfect blend of exfoliation and moisturizing and leaves my skin feeling happy, soft and hydrated. I've been using this for a while. It leaves a silky finish and a nice glow to your skin. This combined with the shea butter lotion has helped my skin immensely since moving here.

I found it equally great when we lived in the Midwest and I had dry skin because of the cold winters. This body polish is the best! It is my new favorite! It scrubs and exfoliates, then, you feel so soft and creamy when you're dry! I am a fan of FHF products and this is an absolute favorite! I like to use it in the shower for exfoliation and moisturizing. Heavenly light fragrance and beautiful to work with on feet and elbows. Product We explore thousands of organic ingredients and handpick the most unique blends to create a luxurious journey.

10 Best Organic Body Washes 2018

Secret Spa Nothing compare to a touch of nature when a master blender is inspired to combined all these subtle elements. Abhayanga with Shirodhara.

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Extra Natural Beauty Therapy. Full Body Massage Therapy. Reservation to the Touch of Scents.

Gateway to the Taste of Scents. Consumers buy these products at drug stores, grocery stores, online or in salons, usually without questioning the product's safety.

15 Best Organic Skin Care Brands - Best Natural Skin Products

The term "organic" has been used so loosely, with regard to these products, that it has become a widely held misconception that if the label has the word organic, or organics, on it the product is not only organic but also safe to use. This is NOT the case with the vast majority of products.

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How do they define natural and organic and why is this important to know? The cosmetics industry defines natural as: "ingredients derived from a natural substance".

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We often see long chemical names which are followed by "derived from.. It's no longer natural coconut oil as it now contains the cancer causing chemical DEA. When ingredients in a product are truly natural they will not have been altered by the use of extreme heat or toxic chemicals. What you need to be looking for in these types of products are those who's remaining ingredients are certified organic.

Products such as toothpaste, deodorants, powders, some hair care products and most cosmetics fall into this category. Based on this definition, the toxic petrochemical preservative methyl paraben would be organic as it comes from crude oil which was formed by rotted vegetation.

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This would put methyl paraben right up there with those other three highly recommended "organic body care products", motor oil, diesel fuel and gasoline. The way most of the industry uses them, natural and organic really are pretty much the same thing. They may have some natural or organic ingredients but they will still most likely contain toxic chemicals. The body care industry is flooding the market with products which use words like "botanicals", "organic", "organics" and "natural" in their name or at least somewhere on the label.

The Organic Body The Organic Body
The Organic Body The Organic Body
The Organic Body The Organic Body
The Organic Body The Organic Body
The Organic Body The Organic Body
The Organic Body The Organic Body

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