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Then he discovers that blood is really thicker than water. This contemporary thriller captures the magic of the ancient Greek tragedies and transports it to the equally magic Australian landscape. This is David Daniel's story of his 30 years in the Queensland Department of Primary Industries, working in animal health and husbandry, animal quarantine, beef cattle production and marketing, rural extension and development and rural sociology.

Political staffers close to the Premier of the Australian state of Queensland start turning up dead.

The Australian Yowie Research Centre - Yowie Introduction Part 3

Ex-cop Doug Morgan smells a rat, and so does crusading journalist Louise Prince. Together they begin to unravel the twisted knot which reveals a corrupt Police Minister, rampant intrusion of Japanese Yakuza crime bosses, and a trail of dirt which leads right to the top of the political stack.

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Ung Van Anh was born in Vietnam in and has lived through some of the most turbulent years of Vietnam's recent history. He left Vietnam in for the US but was deported back there in during the major communist push we now know as the Tet Offensive. His writings were read during the war on Radio Hanoi and he now works as an English teacher in his home town Phan Thiet.

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Mr Ung's stori He practised as a barrister and solicitor in Papua New Guinea from to and then as a barrister in Queensland as junior and then Senior Counsel until his appointment to the District Court. Pratt was described in the District Court Annual Report, , as A tale of fantasy based on a real-life sheep property in Outback Queensland, Australia. Ted and his younger brother Bill, along with their best friends Doug and Sarah, are on their school holidays enjoying everyday rural activities, including riding horses, motorbikes, going fishing and chasing feral pigs. Their holiday takes a strange turn when the eldest, and only girl of the group, has an u Reedsy is a community of top publishing professionals.

Twenty years' experience in commercial fiction and non-fiction for such publishers as HarperCollins, Virgin, Harlequin and Little, Brown. Bristol, England, UK. Freelance copyeditor and proofreader offering 25 years of experience in scientific and educational publishing. San Diego, United States. Small Batch Books is an Australian-based international editing and publishing company that creates world-class literary products. Sign up with facebook or. Create your free Reedsy account to browse hundreds of professional profiles. Reedsy profile URL. Verified identity.

I produced my first commercial products as founding editor of a national magazine and a regional newspaper, and as literary editor of a major newspaper. Then in , my company opened a quality bricks-and-mortar bookshop, published its first high-quality short-run book a year later, and in established the commercial literary appraisal and marketing agency Strictly Literary.

By , we had begun publishing in the global giant networks of Amazon, Google Play and Lulu. As Small Batch Books we provide a full-service range of editing and design products to authors getting into the publishing market. Services Developmental Editing. Copy Editing. Editorial Assessment. Query Letter Review. Languages English AUS. English CAN.

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English NZ. English UK. English US. Women's Fiction. True Crime. Work experience. Managing director Self-employed. February, — Present almost 26 years. Portfolio 18 selected works. Killing the Holy Cows Vierentia Beukes This is the story of a few years in Vierentia Beukes's life through the s and 50s, when she was a girl being reared in a conservative Afrikaner home in South Africa.

Changing Universities John Biggs How have universities changed over the past 60 years? I traveled north to visit the Healesville Sanctuary, where I knew they had some Tasmanian Devils in captivity. I drew them and made lots of notes. As I was drawing, two Tasmanian Devils ran around and around the enclosed area.

It was enough to make you dizzy! Then someone came up and told me that Tasmanian Devils behave differently in the wild than they do in captivity. He said they run around in loops in contained areas because they actually run long distances while looking for food in the wild. So I went to Tasmania. A man named Geoff King let me stay in a fishing shack on his land.

It sat right on the beach in an area near Marrawah called King's Run. I would have no running water or telephone while I stayed there. The only electricity was a single overhead light bulb that was powered by a 6 volt battery. The only heat would come from the fireplace and the driftwood I would burn.

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You can see the fishing shack in this photo. As sunset approached, I set out some food for the Tasmanian Devils. As I looked around I realized that I was far from any people and far from communication. Things began to scurry in the brush.

Sold Houses in Yowie Bay, NSW 2228

It began to get a little spooky out there. I moved inside when the wind began to pick up. There was nothing to do, so I opened my sketchbook and began to draw the things inside the fishing shack. As it began to get darker and darker outside more animals started making noises outside. The wind was now howling around the shack. I began to wonder- how did I ever let my website readers talk me into this?

Suddenly I heard a horrible scream. I peeked out the window. Please note that this guy is NOT a Yowie. There are many different marsupials in Australia. We have only one in America- the opossum. There, for the first time, I saw real live Tasmanian Devils!

The Yarra Yowie
The Yarra Yowie
The Yarra Yowie
The Yarra Yowie
The Yarra Yowie
The Yarra Yowie
The Yarra Yowie
The Yarra Yowie

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